At present mostly Chikki / Kaju-Katri are made by the workers of Rajasthan and Maharastra using traditional methods. This process is very much time consuming and needs hard labour, which makes the production cost high. In addition, it makes us depend upon the workers. It is difficult to maintain uniform quality cutting and thickness of Chikki / Kaju-Katri.
Considering the abov e problems we have designed advanced Chikki Rolling Machine in which, semi-solid Chikki / Kaju-Katri material is spread and gradually rolled out into required thickness by four stages and lastly cut into even pieces of required size. In addition, the complete process requires very less power consumption. Therefore, this turns out to be very beneficial in comparison to traditional methods.

Time Consumption`

Hand process requires much hard work and time so two workers can at the most prepare 50 to 60 kg in eight hours. However, in Semi Automatic Chikki / Kaju-Katri machine four workers can easily prepare 300 kg to 500 kg in 8 hours.

Hygine & Quality

Machine made Chikki / Kaju-Katri is completely hygienic since during the total process there is no need to touch with hands. In addition, this maintains same quality through out the process.

The following Chikki / Kaju-Katri machines are available

Semi-Automatic Khakhra making Unit

These pnuematic models come with Free Air compressor(without motor) -

Batch Capacity


Chikki Rolling & Cutting Machine... 2.0 K.G. ₹ 2,40,000/-
Chikki Rolling & Cutting Machine... 3.5 K.G. ₹ 2,80,000/-
Chikki Rolling & Cutting Machine... 4.5 K.G. ₹ 3,20,000/-
(Note: Cycle time per batch is 3 minute, and Recycle time is 4 minutes Approximately.)
This price-list is only valid until 31st of March, 2015
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